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Path of Counsciousness

H:18m x 12,42m x 90m

The artist represents here the many paths of life and the choices we constantly make.

A life made of positive and fluid choices equals  art.

The project features a single line that emerges from the ground and explores space in every direction imaginable, carefully respecting structural balance and limits.

Contractor: Private hotel, Qatar.
Partnership:NYICAS(NewYork International  Contemporary   Art Society
Productor:  Pontifica   Fonderia  Marinelli.
Calculus: Fiedler Institute of Technology.

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All Videos

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Using advanced calculus capabilities, Fiedler's Institute ensures that every proposed sculpture is validated and ready for construction, whether utilizing Fiedler's industrial path in the Santos harbor-based industry or partnering with renowned companies like Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli(IT) and Serge Ferrari(FR) around the world.

Pillars Of Creation

H:6m x 5,4m x 9m

Four traces develop themselves to their maximum capacity to hold together a single element that represents the power of creation.
Contractor: Institute of Art, Rome, Italy.

Productor:Pontifica Fonderia Marinelli.
Calculumm: Fiedler Institute of Technology. 

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